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As4marias is a 100% Portuguese brand, which recently entered the national market with a differentiating position, presenting handcrafted products, made in linen and cotton, of superior quality, with the possibility of customization, thus, meeting the trends and needs of consumers.

Although the brand is recent, the passion and knowledge were passed from generation to generation, combined with the nobility of linen and cotton, we create lines pure, sustainable and environmentally friendly. Items for those who appreciate the beauty of natural materials, recognize the value of a handcrafted piece, value durability and know how a craft piece has eternal value.

We produce items with love and passion , ranging from home textiles, well-being, baby items, among others. All of them share a common theme: the value of a handcrafted piece.

With roots in one of the districts with the greatest tradition in handicraft, Braga, this is a revivalist brand that it seeks to bring to today the tradition of quality pieces that last for life.